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The Fitness Scientist: "Even A Little Alcohol Is Hurting Your Health!" Kristen Holmes

1 Views· 22/01/24

If you enjoy hearing about the transformative power of sleep, I recommend you check out my conversation with Dr Matthew Walker, which you can find here:

00:00 Intro
02:13 Why do you do the work you do?
02:48 What your work is and involves
05:03 The Importance Of Sleep Wake Timing - circadian rhythm
10:16 Humans Haven't Adapted For Artificial Light
15:07 The Myths Around The Hours Of Sleep You Get
18:43 A Lack Of Sleep Is Hurting Muscle Growth
20:08 A Solid Sleeping Pattern Can Prevent Sickness
25:23 The Best Times To Eat For The Perfect Sleep
32:26 The Positive and Negative Effect Of Exercise On Our Sleep
34:09 The Importance Of Getting Sunlight When We Wake Up
36:32 Things To Do For A Perfect Night's Sleep
39:20 A Message For People That Aren’t Taking This Information Seriously
45:14 Growing Up With Addiction
51:54 What Alcohol Is REALLY Doing To Our Sleep
01:00:15 The Effects Of Coffee On Our Sleep
01:01:01 Shift Workers Have A Lower Life Expectancy
01:03:37 Mental Health
01:06:26 How To Reduce Stress In The Moment
01:07:54 Sleep Deprivation & How It Affects Our Actions
01:15:43 The Relationship Between Sex & Sleep
01:19:00 Ads
01:20:53 What Is HRV & Why Is It So Important?
01:30:01 Why The Relationship We Have With Ourselves Is So Important To Our Sleep - The Psychological Effects
01:32:21 The Importance Of A Growth Mindset & Positivity
01:35:39 What To Do If You Have A Motivation Problem
01:41:57 Writing Down Your Values
01:46:29 The Last Guest's Question

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