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The No.1 Poo & Gut Scientist: If Your Poo Looks Like This Go To A Doctor! Dr Will Bulsiewicz

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If you enjoy hearing all about gut health with Dr Will Bulsiewicz, I recommend you check out my conversation with Dr Tim Spector, which you can find here:

00:00 Intro
02:16 Why Is The Gut Microbiome So Important?
05:32 What Are Gut Microbes?
10:14 Everyone's Microbes Are Different.
13:35 Link Between The Immune System And The Gut.
17:41 Foods To Improve Gut Health
25:46 Fermented And Prebiotic Foods.
33:13 The Relationship Between Our Gut & Metabolism
35:39 What Your Poo Says About Your Health.
40:24 How Fiber Affects Your Gut.
43:58 How A Poo Transplant Could Improve Health Conditions.
54:42 Calorie Counting.
59:25 Medicine For Losing Weight: Pros & Cons.
01:07:18 What Your Poo Should Look Like.
01:13:29 How To Have A Healthy Gut.
01:16:32 Different Poo Colours And Health Conditions.
01:23:44 Ads
01:25:22 Is The Gut Microbiome Inherited?
01:29:25 Stress Will Affect Your Gut.
01:33:01 How Alcohol Affects Your Gut.
01:35:34 The Brain Gut Connection
01:37:32 How To Heal Your Gut.
01:42:45 The Best Diets.
01:50:31 The Link Between Good Sex And Your Gut.
01:56:55 The Best Supplements For Your Gut.
01:59:17 Last Guest Question.

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