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Dr Wendy Suzuki is a Professor of Neural Science and Psychology at New York University and the bestselling author of books such as, ‘Good Anxiety’ and ‘Healthy Brain, Happy Life’.

00:00 Intro
02:18 The Importance of Healthy Brain
02:58 Why People Need To Look After Their Brains
04:23 How To Keep Your Brain Healthy
07:09 Learning This About The Brain Changed My Life
10:37 My Father's Dementia Journey
12:37 You Can Grow New Brain Cells
16:01 How Learning Changes The Structure Of Your Brain
18:43 You Can Improve Your Brain Health At Any Point - Here's How
22:28 What's Causing Dementia & Alzheimer's
24:24 How Does Memory Work?
24:53 How To Improve Your Bad Memory
26:35 The Different Types Of Memory
27:35 How To Remember Things Better
28:49 The Memory Palace Technique
37:19 The Best Exercise For Your Brain
42:04 How To Be Better At Speaking And Memory
43:37 The Effects Of Coffee On Our Brains
45:09 What Lack Of Sleep Is Doing To Your Neurons
46:58 The Best Diets For An Optimal Brain
47:48 The Shocking Benefits Of Human Connections
49:15 Neuroscientist Recommends This Morning Routine For Optimal Brain Function
50:31 What Are The Worst Habits For Your Brain?
51:41 Does Mindfulness Help The Brain?
52:21 What Social Media Is Doing To Your Brain
55:46 What To Do About Social Media And Phone Addiction
59:21 Anxiety Levels Are Increasing
01:04:02 Where Do We Experience Anxiety In The Brain?
01:06:22 How To Turn Down Our Stress Levels
01:08:18 What Do Emotions Do To Our Brain And Body?
01:10:21 Ads
01:11:22 Does The Brain Change When We're In Love?
01:14:13 What You Learn From Going Through Grief
01:29:26 What Is The Best Quality Of Humanity

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Annie Jacobsen is an investigative journalist, New York Times bestselling author, and a 2016 Pulitzer Prize finalist. Her books include, ‘Area 51’, ‘Operation Paperclip’, and ‘The Pentagon’s Brain’.

00:00 Intro
01:59 Why Write This Book Now?
06:30 Are We Getting Closer to Nuclear War?
08:05 Who Is in Charge of the Nuclear Button?
12:23 The Evolution of Nuclear Weapons
16:16 Who Has Nuclear Weapons?
21:32 What Is the Football and Why Is Near the President 24/7?
24:30 How Important Is Picking the Right Leader?
28:17 What If the President Is Dead?
29:28 The Biggest Mistakes in Nuclear Detection
32:16 Nuclear War Games and Strategies
38:09 How Do the Decision Makers Cope?
40:32 How Would We Know Where the Nuclear Bomb Got Launched From?
46:02 What Happens After the First Minutes?
51:46 What Happens if the President Dies
53:23 The Aftermath
01:01:59 What Would Happen to a Country After It's Struck by Nuclear Bomb
01:06:51 How Many People Will Die?
01:07:35 Where Is Safe?
01:10:07 What Is the Solution?
01:14:02 How Did Annie's Feelings Change?
01:15:53 Conspiracy or Real?
01:26:55 The Role of the CIA
01:30:36 AI and the War Machine
01:40:55 Is Annie Optimistic?
01:43:37 The Origin of War
01:46:24 The Most Important Takeaway from Annie's Books
01:50:25 The People on Both Sides of Nuclear
01:59:18 The Impact of Your Books on You
02:00:46 Survivors of Nuclear Bomb
02:02:28 Conversations with Her Husband
02:06:18 What Have You Changed Your Mind About?

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Gary Brecka is the co-founder of 10X Health System and is one of the world’s leading experts in human biology and biohacking. He has worked with CEOs, models, to athletes from the UFC, NFL, and professional boxers. Gary is also the host of the ‘Ultimate Human’ podcast.

00:00 Intro
02:18 What We're Getting Wrong About Supplements & Deficiencies
09:20 Humans Aren't Functioning Optimally
11:49 The Biomarkers That Predict Your Health Outcomes
17:53 The Link Between Your Genes & Anxiety & Trauma
22:16 Common Deficiencies That Keep Us Away from Our Optimal Health
30:24 Working with High Profile People
32:00 How Your Life & Business Changed In The Last Year
34:43 Life Insurances Know When You're Going to Die
41:51 I Knew Thousands of People Would Die but They Wouldn't Let Me Help Them
43:18 Fixing Your Deficiencies Could Save Your Life
50:44 What I Learned Analysing Thousands of Medical Reports
51:57 Fix the Simple Things Before It's Too Late
54:52 The Importance of Grounding for Your Blood Cells
01:00:02 The Most Important Exercise to Oxygenate Your Blood Cells
01:04:26 The Incredibly Health Benefits of Red Light
01:12:15 How Hydrogen Gas Helps Your Body
01:15:23 The Issues with Ozempic
01:16:42 How Is Gary's Life and His Pain
01:18:18 Advice to His Kids
01:19:18 The Loneliness Epidemic
01:25:13 Unethical Insurance
01:27:09 Gene Test Results
01:42:10 Last Guest Question

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Dr Andy Galpin, PhD, is Professor of Kinesiology (the study of movement) at California State University, Fullerton. He is the Co-Director of the Center for Sport Performance and Founder/Director of the Biochemistry and Molecular Exercise Physiology Laboratory.

00:00 Intro
02:49 Enhancing People's Physical & Cognitive Performance
04:54 Why You Care About Human Performance?
10:37 What's Your Academic Background
11:36 What's the Range of People That Come to You & What Do They Want Fixing?
14:21 What Stops Us from Reaching Our Optimal Performance?
20:51 How Vitamin Deficiencies Affect Our Body
24:35 Why We Don't Get Accurate Results from Blood Tests
28:20 You Need to Understand Why Your Body Markers Are Down
32:23 Why People Struggle to Sleep
37:21 How to Improve Your Sleep
42:57 Is 8h the Optimal Sleep Time?
48:32 The Misconceptions of Sleep Debt
50:49 The Power of Doing Tasks at Your Usual Circadian Times
55:02 Environmental Factors That Affect Our Sleep
01:04:55 Create the Optimal Environment for Restorative Sleep
01:06:34 Sleep Debt
01:09:50 How to Stop Travels Disrupting Your Sleep
01:12:06 How Important Is Your Heart Rate Variability (HRV)?
01:13:33 The Impact of Keto Diet and Carbs on Your HRV?
01:16:16 The Effects of Introducing Carbs Back into Your Diet
01:18:20 How to Have a Healthy HRV?
01:23:15 Good Morning Routines for Improved HRV
01:27:52 Does Red Light Have an Effect on Our Bodies?
01:30:14 The Importance of Choosing the Right Training Exercises
01:31:08 Gain Muscle Mass and Stay Lean
01:34:57 When to Eat When Exercising
01:36:56 Best Training for Best & Lasting Performance
01:39:00 The Death Dangers of Falling at 60+ Years Old
01:42:09 What Is VO2 Max?
01:44:41 What VO2 Max Says About Your Health
01:49:11 People Don't Believe Their Health Problems Can Be Fixed
01:52:02 The Exercise and Steps to Improve VO2 Max
01:54:21 To Build Muscle You Need to Add Variations to Your Exercise Routine
01:58:31 Creatine Benefits for Your Body
02:03:47 Fat Loss
02:11:08 Depriving Yourself from Food Isn't Beneficial in Weight Loss
02:12:12 Why Should You Do Strength Before Endurance?
02:12:36 How Technology Will Shape Our Health
02:18:18 The Impact of Minimizing Stressors in Our Lives
02:24:21 Last Guest Question

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Daniel Priestley is an award-winning serial entrepreneur who has built and sold several successful businesses and written 5 books on starting and scaling businesses.

00:00 Intro
02:50 The Most Exciting Time Of History For Businesses
04:57 Growing Small Businesses & Making Them Millions
06:14 Can Anyone Be An Entrepreneur?
06:55 How To Know If It's A Good Business Idea
11:44 How Important Is Passion In Being A Successful Entrepreneur
14:53 Don't Pursue Entrepreneurship For This Reason!
23:17 How To Be A Visionary
28:40 How To Be Great At Pitching Business Ideas
36:21 The Magic Of 'With Or Without You' Energy
41:52 The Steps To Know If It'll Be A Good Business
50:18 Fear Of Failure
53:09 Life Force Energy & Bringing Stories To Life
58:34 The Importance Of Changing Environments Regularly
01:03:34 Starting A Business/Personal Brand
01:07:46 Soloentreneurship Doesn't Work
01:10:30 How To Make Money
01:16:36 Your Team Is Essential In Your Business
01:19:16 How Do You Invest Your Money
01:20:53 How To Build A Business From Scratch
01:25:21 Should You Work For A Big Company Or A Start Up
01:27:54 The Humility Of Accepting Others Are Better Than You
01:31:36 What's A Management Buyout?
01:38:08 How To Structure And How To Sale A Deal
01:41:17 AI Will Revolutionize How Businesses Work!
01:48:00 Work-Life Balance
01:51:39 Last Guest Question

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If you enjoyed this episode, I recommend you check out my first conversation with Dr. Daniel Lieberman, which you can find here:

00:00 Intro
02:15 What do you do, and why do you do it?
03:24 Are we actually a good species?
05:26 Do our ancestors hold the answer to all our health needs?
07:47 Have we evolved to eat meat?
10:48 How did we learn to hunt and gather?
17:18 Have we evolved to breathe wrong?
19:43 Why do we sweat?
24:38 When did our brains get so big?
30:10 Why do we struggle to diet?
38:46 Modern-day mismatched diseases
42:56 Why did you write a book about food?
45:17 Has our culture moved too fast?
46:30 We've decided to live with diseases rather than prevent them.
50:28 The modern foods we eat have affected the way we look.
53:17 Is cancer a consequence of our modern society?
58:49 How our bodies store energy
01:05:38 The keto diet and fasting
01:09:59 Are we too comfortable as a society?
01:15:14 Puberty has changed, and we’re going into it earlier than ever before.
01:16:52 The dangers of sitting down all day like we do.
01:20:23 What should people take away most from this conversation?
01:24:31 The products we put on our bodies, are they toxic?
01:30:21 The last guest's question

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If you want to hear more about the power of insulin, I recommend you check out my conversation with the Glucose Goddess, Jessie Inchauspé, which you can find here:

00:00 Intro
02:17 The Obesity Code: Why I Wrote It
06:50 The Scary Rise In Obesity Worldwide
09:49 Obesity Is a Hormone-Driven Behaviour.
18:10 Is This Protein Resistance Stopping People From Losing Weight?
19:05 Do We Inherit Obesity From Our Parents?
23:54 Metabolism’s Impact on Body Weight
31:51 Exercise Doesn’t Help Weight Loss
35:55 Modern Eating Habits & Why We Eat More
38:59 The Ancestral Key to Losing Weight That You Made Viral
43:47 The Lies Around Breakfast.
48:50 The Drugs Making People Lose Weight.
52:39 The Role of Fibre in Managing Body Weight.
55:06 Is Protein Good for Weight Loss?
57:05 The Best Way to Actually Lose Weight.
57:55 Does Juice Fasting Work?
01:02:18 What’s Autophagy?
01:06:00 Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Naturally.
01:11:53 The Myth About “Calories In, Calories Out”
01:18:50 The Last Guest's Question.

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Dr Anthony Chaffee shares the worst thing that feeds dementia and wrecks your brain. Join GoCarnivore here:

🔴 GoCarnivore:

🔷 10 Worst Carnivore Mistakes To AVOID With Dr. Anthony Chaffee 2023:

🔷 The Ultimate Carnivore Beginner Guide: Top 10 Hacks With Dr. Ken Berry 2023:

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🔷 #1 Cancer Expert: The WORST Food That Feeds Cancer Cells:


🔴 The Ultimate 4-Week Fat Loss Course:

🔴 The Ultimate 7-Day Fasting Course For Fat Loss:

Email: [email protected]

00:00 Intro
01:34 Interview starts
05:00 Dementia vs Alzheimer's disease
11:34 Is dementia genetic
22:54 Seed oils + plant toxins causing brain disease
30:41 Build a thriving brain
34:55 Saturated fat for the brain
39:43 Diet to prevent dementia
41:49 Best foods to eat to reverse dementia/ Alzheimers
51:36 Water fasting for dementia
58:46 Exercise + dementia
01:10:16 Other tips to beat dementia

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If you enjoy hearing about the transformative power of sleep, I recommend you check out my conversation with Dr Matthew Walker, which you can find here:

00:00 Intro
02:13 Why do you do the work you do?
02:48 What your work is and involves
05:03 The Importance Of Sleep Wake Timing - circadian rhythm
10:16 Humans Haven't Adapted For Artificial Light
15:07 The Myths Around The Hours Of Sleep You Get
18:43 A Lack Of Sleep Is Hurting Muscle Growth
20:08 A Solid Sleeping Pattern Can Prevent Sickness
25:23 The Best Times To Eat For The Perfect Sleep
32:26 The Positive and Negative Effect Of Exercise On Our Sleep
34:09 The Importance Of Getting Sunlight When We Wake Up
36:32 Things To Do For A Perfect Night's Sleep
39:20 A Message For People That Aren’t Taking This Information Seriously
45:14 Growing Up With Addiction
51:54 What Alcohol Is REALLY Doing To Our Sleep
01:00:15 The Effects Of Coffee On Our Sleep
01:01:01 Shift Workers Have A Lower Life Expectancy
01:03:37 Mental Health
01:06:26 How To Reduce Stress In The Moment
01:07:54 Sleep Deprivation & How It Affects Our Actions
01:15:43 The Relationship Between Sex & Sleep
01:19:00 Ads
01:20:53 What Is HRV & Why Is It So Important?
01:30:01 Why The Relationship We Have With Ourselves Is So Important To Our Sleep - The Psychological Effects
01:32:21 The Importance Of A Growth Mindset & Positivity
01:35:39 What To Do If You Have A Motivation Problem
01:41:57 Writing Down Your Values
01:46:29 The Last Guest's Question

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If you enjoyed this episode, check out my episode last year on habits! How break bad ones and maintain good ones:

0:00 Intro
01:08 Gaining more weight when we age & how to keep it off
07:22 The best weight loss diets
19:08 The relationship between sleep & weight gain
31:24 How to have & maintain a healthy brain
37:32 Free tools to become "super human" & "strip fat off your body"
47:04 The myths about exercise "exercise doesn't help weight loss"
56:53 The contagion of stress & how its causing us to put on more weight
01:06:19 Bonus moment, my favourite moment from The Diary Of A CEO of all time

No. 7, Giles Yeo:
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No. 6, Dr Mindy Pelz:

No. 5, Matthew Walker:
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No. 4, Dr. Daniel Amen:

No. 3, Gary Brecka:

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If you want to hear more about how to overcome stress and anxiety, I recommend you check out my conversation with Mel Robbins which you can find here:

00:00 Intro
02:01 Is The World Getting More Stressed?
06:45 What Are the Signs of Being Burnt Out?
13:56 Work Addiction & Burnout Linked
16:23 Toxic Resilience
22:29 The 5 Resets to Deal with Stress
27:51 Understanding If You Have Stress
35:10 How to Have a Therapeutic Presence
43:06 Why You Should Stick to 2 Changes at a Time
48:29 Your Stress Score and How to Improve It
53:50 How Exercise Manages to Reduce Stress
58:01 How Social Media Fuels Stress
01:03:34 The Relationship Between Food and Stress
01:12:13 The Importance of Taking Breaks
01:18:16 Your Gut Health Impacts Your Stress
01:21:11 Reset Your Stress by Resetting Your Brain
01:21:50 All the Stuff That Is Making You Stressed!
01:25:55 Only 2% of the Population Can Actually Multitask
01:29:35 Breathing Technique to Reduce Stress
01:35:40 The Science Behind Therapeutic Writing
01:39:13 Don’t Live in Autopilot, It’s Hurting You
01:43:12 Don’t Do This at Nighttime!
01:49:23 What Loneliness Is Doing to You
01:51:28 The Last Guest Question

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If you enjoy hearing all about gut health with Dr Will Bulsiewicz, I recommend you check out my conversation with Dr Tim Spector, which you can find here:

00:00 Intro
02:16 Why Is The Gut Microbiome So Important?
05:32 What Are Gut Microbes?
10:14 Everyone's Microbes Are Different.
13:35 Link Between The Immune System And The Gut.
17:41 Foods To Improve Gut Health
25:46 Fermented And Prebiotic Foods.
33:13 The Relationship Between Our Gut & Metabolism
35:39 What Your Poo Says About Your Health.
40:24 How Fiber Affects Your Gut.
43:58 How A Poo Transplant Could Improve Health Conditions.
54:42 Calorie Counting.
59:25 Medicine For Losing Weight: Pros & Cons.
01:07:18 What Your Poo Should Look Like.
01:13:29 How To Have A Healthy Gut.
01:16:32 Different Poo Colours And Health Conditions.
01:23:44 Ads
01:25:22 Is The Gut Microbiome Inherited?
01:29:25 Stress Will Affect Your Gut.
01:33:01 How Alcohol Affects Your Gut.
01:35:34 The Brain Gut Connection
01:37:32 How To Heal Your Gut.
01:42:45 The Best Diets.
01:50:31 The Link Between Good Sex And Your Gut.
01:56:55 The Best Supplements For Your Gut.
01:59:17 Last Guest Question.

Additional Interview Information:
Interview Brief:
The Bristol Stool Chart:
Dr Will’s supplement:

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15 Daily Steps to Lose Weight and Prevent Disease PDF: - Get my FREE eBook now!

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Patrick Bet-David interviews ex-Raytheon whistleblower Eric Hecker who gives the inside scoop on Antarctica. Hecker is a former member of the Navy who worked for Raytheon, a major U.S. defense contractor. His position as a firefighter and plumber for the South Pole facility in Antarctica gave him unrestricted access to the compound. During his stay, Hecker observed highly advanced directed energy weapons and other technologies beyond what we previously thought possible. He has also testified to Congress under oath and hopes to bring his experience to the public for the good of humanity.

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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller Your Next Five Moves (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

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⁣THE BIGGER PLOT: Why Israel is deliberately carrying out ATROCITIES in Gaza

7 Views · 8 months ago

If you enjoyed this video, I recommend you check out my first conversation with Dr Daniel Amen, which you can find here:

0:00 Intro
02:15 Why Should People Stick Around For This Conversation?
04:09 Stevens Brain Scan
20:48 What Makes The Brain Worse?
28:01 The Effects Of Loneliness On The Brain
29:29 Toxic Products & Fertility Problems
30:58 What Bad Mental Health Does To The Brain
32:30 The Side Effects Of Medication
38:59 What ADHD Medication Actually Does To The Brain
42:14 How To Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts
47:26 What Stress Does To The Brain
56:49 The Unhealthiest Brain You’ve Ever Seen
01:02:21 How To Take Charge Of Your Brain & Thinking
01:07:01 Why You Should Be Taking Vitamin D Supplements
01:10:10 How To Help People With Depression
01:14:56 What Does Sleep Really Do To Our Brains
01:20:28 The Effects Of Alcohol On The Brain
01:28:36 How To Use Your Brain For Better Sex
01:32:48 The Differences Between Male & Female Brains
01:35:25 The Benefits Of Saunas, Exercise & Cold Plunges
01:36:54 Being Fat Shrinks Your Brain
01:40:00 What Social Media Is Really Doing To Your Brain
01:42:16 How Optimise Your Brain To Stay Happy
01:45:21 The Last Guest’s Question

You can purchase Dr. Amen’s most recent book, ‘Change Your Brain Every Day: Simple Daily Practices to Strengthen Your Mind, Memory, Moods, Focus, Energy, Habits, and Relationships’, here:

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⁣Top Globalist Announces The End Of Humanity

1 Views · 8 months ago

⁣The next globalist psyop has been launched: The Holy War to deceive Christians

82 Views · 8 months ago

⁣Mike Adams joins Maria Zeee for an in-depth, rational analysis of the current situation unfolding between Israel and Palestine, in what is quickly escalating into a world war. They discuss the war propaganda being widely disseminated, the psyop that has demanded that all people pick a side or else, and the blood lust that has gripped all sides in one of the strangest phenomenon's we have witnessed to date.

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