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Doctor Tim Spector: "Extra Protein Is Making You Fatter!" 6 Food Lies Everyone Still Belie

35 Views· 05/10/23

If you enjoyed this episode, I recommend you listen to my first conversation with Dr Tim Spector, here:

0:00 Intro
05:26 💪🏻 Who Really Needs Extra Protein?
15:55 🥗 Gut Microbe Boosters for Overall Well-being!
19:25 💏 How Close Contact Enhances Gut Immunity!
22:21 🍅 Transforming Waste Food for Gut and Health!
29:19 🍣 Kimchi and Miso Magic: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Gut Health!
37:03 🍩 Processed vs. Ultra-Processed: Understanding Harmful Additives For Each!
42:45 🍫 Smart Snacking
46:15 🕰 Healthier Habits: Transforming Snacking for Overall Wellness!
50:26 🍞 Is Bread Really That Bad For Me?
57:11 ☕ Coffee On Our Health
01:01:53 🚰 The "8 glasses of water a day" myth
01:09:55 🥩 Protein Diets: Finding the Right Balance with Fibre!
01:12:29 🍬 Sweeteners Impact: Gut Health and Craving Cycles!
01:15:35 🏋 Sustainable Weight Loss: Strategies Beyond Exercise!
01:22:13 🏃 Holistic Weight Management: Diet Quality and Mindful Eating!
01:25:25 💊 Supplements or Balanced Diet: Debunking Common Myths!
01:32:52 🛌 Quality Sleep: Crucial for Gut Microbes and Metabolism!
01:35:42 🍽 Meal Timing: Circadian Rhythms and Optimal Nutrition!
01:38:29 🐾 Pets and Nutrition: Applying Healthy Principles!
01:40:20 🧫 Microbe Discoveries: Revolutionising Food and Health Links!
01:42:12 🍽 Gut Health and Nutrition: Aligning Choices for Well-being!

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