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Nick Cannon: How I ACCIDENTALLY Built A $1.3 Billion Business!

90 Views· 02/10/23

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00:00 Intro
00:14 🚀 Nick Cannon started his entrepreneurial journey early, making millions from various ventures like headphones, tours, and restaurants.
01:57 🌟 Nick Cannon's early optimism, imagination, and determination led him to believe that he could achieve anything, even when facing challenges and growing up in a less privileged environment.
03:07 🏡 Nick Cannon's upbringing, although not traditional, was filled with love and shaped his resilience and drive to make something out of nothing.
07:51 🔥 Nick Cannon had a rebellious streak during his youth, but his creativity and desire to explore helped him avoid going down the wrong path.
18:10 🎭 Nick Cannon learned storytelling and captivating a room from Jamie Foxx, and the importance of hard work and dedication from Will Smith during his formative years in the entertainment industry.
23:14 📚 Learnings from Will Smith: Nick Cannon gained valuable lessons from Will Smith, including the importance of infrastructure for creative work, integrity, character, and perseverance.
24:09 💰 Financial Lessons: Nick Cannon shared a lesson he learned from Will Smith about managing money wisely, advising against frivolous spending and impulsive purchases.
26:57 🌟 Synchronicity and Like-Minded Individuals: Nick Cannon discussed how he believes like-minded individuals are naturally drawn to each other, leading to collaborations and shared experiences in their careers.
35:40 🎭 Developing Skills: Nick Cannon attributed his skill development in writing and entertainment to his early start in stand-up comedy, emphasising the importance of mastery through practice.
41:00 💡 Pursuing Your Passion: Nick Cannon stressed the significance of pursuing a career with genuine passion and joy, as it leads to mastery and long-term success, as opposed to solely chasing money.
45:27 💡 Self-love, self-promotion, and self-dedication are crucial for success.
48:21 💪 Overcoming challenges and persevering fuels the desire to win.
49:03 🎬 Self-funding a pilot for a TV show can lead to creative control and success.
52:34 🌟 "Wild 'N Out" has become a billion-dollar brand with various business ventures.
01:02:10 🚀 Nick Cannon's company, Incredible Entertainment, generated over $100 million in revenue, with diverse ventures beyond entertainment.
01:07:17 🎶 Nick Cannon supports local artists by giving them $5,000 to $10,000 in each city he visits, paying it forward and correcting industry practices.
01:08:00 📝 Nick Cannon prefers not to sign artists to his label but instead collaborate and share publishing to empower them and challenge the traditional music industry model.
01:09:23 💼 Nick Cannon criticises the traditional music industry for owning artists' work in perpetuity and believes that changing technology and a more empathetic generation will drive change.
01:10:20 🌐 Nick Cannon emphasises that technology and social media platforms empower artists to go viral and connect directly with their audience, reducing the need for traditional networking.
01:21:13 💔 Nick Cannon reflects on how his lupus diagnosis in 2012 changed his perspective on life, relationships, and the importance of health, making him focus on living fully and valuing time.
01:28:27 🪙 Nick Cannon emphasises the importance of gaining perspective through acts of compassion, like volunteering at a children's hospital, to reset and appreciate life's blessings.
01:31:08 💔 Nick Cannon reflects on the loss of his son to brain cancer, highlighting the complex and ongoing nature of grief and how it changes one's perspective on life.
01:33:31 🤔 Nick Cannon discusses the transformational power of turning grief into purpose, using personal loss to build empathy and character.
01:39:21 🧒 Nick Cannon shares his experience as a father and how his children's problems become his own, emphasising the importance of finding joy and lessons in life's challenges.
01:43:00 🌟 Nick Cannon redefines legacy as not just his own accomplishments but the collective impact of his family's compassion, humour, and contributions to make the world a better place.

The 20th season of Wild ’N Out’ premiered on VH1 on the 6th July. 

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