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Wha Me Eat Wednesdays 'Papaya aka Pawpaw' 23/8/2017

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Wha Me Eat Wednesday
'Papaya aka Pawpaw' with subtitles

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Yes Iyah this is Papaya ,aka Pawpaw tasty and raw
A Wha Me Eat Wednesday's what do I desire
I feel like I could eat some Papaya
I went to the market to check a supplier
Me say Iyah you have any Papaya
He said yes Iyah how many you require
Here they are take a look admire
Me tek three the Papaya dem a fire
And me get a discount as a regular buyer
As well as the taste there’s a lot to the papaya
Tropical fruits them a frequent flyer
Oranges Vitamin C Papaya has higher
Some people even use it as a detoxifier
Nuff good properties Papaya contain
Well known for an enzyme called Papain
Good for digestion ease constipation
Reduce inflammation anti inflamed
Antioxidants too once again
Nutrients too much to name
Salmonella outbreak in America
Can't give every Papaya the blame
Make sure it's fully ripe ,especially
If you're a woman inna pregnancy
Check a healthcare provider seriously
And do your research don't just take it from me

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