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Oliver at Large - All Episodes (Season 1-4) | Jet Star Music

17 Views· 10/08/23
In Comedy

Jet Star Music presents comedy genius 'to mek yu laugh till yu belly bus' with an 'Oliver at Large' TV marathon! Watch ALL episodes from seasons one to four of 'Oliver at Large', written and starring legendary Jamaican comedian, Oliver Samuels.Season 1S01E01 Guess Who Coming to DinnerS01E02 Irrevrent ReverendS01E03 DulciminaS01E04 Maffi P.I.S01E05 Blow WowSeason 2S02E01 The AirportS02E02 It Must Be a DuppyS02E03 Trying ManS02E04 Flight 007S02E05 One StopSeason 3S03E01 Mad MaxS03E02 Oliver's Car ClinicS03E03 The TreasureS03E04 Jive InS03E05 The LegacySeason 4S04E01 Ping Ping RestaurantS04E02 Jam Rock HotelS04E03 Cricket Lovely CricketS04E04 Room 227S04E05 Patient ManYou can watch all individual episodes of 'Oliver at Large' here - you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up, subscribe to our channel and turn on our upload notifications for regular uploads of classic reggae albums, greatest hits, massive mixes and much, much more.Jet Star, the home of Reggae. Connect With Jet Star:Follow us on Spotify -​Instagram -​Facebook -​Twitter -​Subscribe to our mailing list here -​#Comedy #sitcom #tv #oliveratlarge #oliversamuels #jamaicantv #jamaica #jamaican #jamaicancomedy #comedian

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