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Nuclear War Expert: 72 Minutes To Wipe Out 60% Of Humans, In The Hands Of 1 Person! - Annie Jacobsen

1 Views· 15/05/24

Annie Jacobsen is an investigative journalist, New York Times bestselling author, and a 2016 Pulitzer Prize finalist. Her books include, ‘Area 51’, ‘Operation Paperclip’, and ‘The Pentagon’s Brain’.

00:00 Intro
01:59 Why Write This Book Now?
06:30 Are We Getting Closer to Nuclear War?
08:05 Who Is in Charge of the Nuclear Button?
12:23 The Evolution of Nuclear Weapons
16:16 Who Has Nuclear Weapons?
21:32 What Is the Football and Why Is Near the President 24/7?
24:30 How Important Is Picking the Right Leader?
28:17 What If the President Is Dead?
29:28 The Biggest Mistakes in Nuclear Detection
32:16 Nuclear War Games and Strategies
38:09 How Do the Decision Makers Cope?
40:32 How Would We Know Where the Nuclear Bomb Got Launched From?
46:02 What Happens After the First Minutes?
51:46 What Happens if the President Dies
53:23 The Aftermath
01:01:59 What Would Happen to a Country After It's Struck by Nuclear Bomb
01:06:51 How Many People Will Die?
01:07:35 Where Is Safe?
01:10:07 What Is the Solution?
01:14:02 How Did Annie's Feelings Change?
01:15:53 Conspiracy or Real?
01:26:55 The Role of the CIA
01:30:36 AI and the War Machine
01:40:55 Is Annie Optimistic?
01:43:37 The Origin of War
01:46:24 The Most Important Takeaway from Annie's Books
01:50:25 The People on Both Sides of Nuclear
01:59:18 The Impact of Your Books on You
02:00:46 Survivors of Nuclear Bomb
02:02:28 Conversations with Her Husband
02:06:18 What Have You Changed Your Mind About?

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