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⁣Tucker interviews Vladimir Putin in Moscow, Russia. February 6th, 2024

⁣Why this interview could save humanity from a catastrophe

To the horror of the elites and their mainstream media minions, Tucker Carlson traveled all the way to the forbidden country: Russia. He did the unthinkable and interviewed the most hated, most despised, most dangerous man on the planet: Vladimir Putin.

This could well be the most viewed broadcast of all time, with an earth- shifting impact on all of humanity.
Why? Because Tucker is interviewing Putin at a time when the worldwide financial elites, also referred to as the "Deep State" or "Cabal", are pushing harder than ever to ignite an all out, indescribably devastating war with Russia. This would suck dozens of nations into the world's most catastrophic military conflict since the dawn of our world, and make the first world wars look like a kindergarten quarrel. No doubt nuclear arms would be used - in a desperate attempt of the Deep State military aka NATO to wipe out their worst enemy and regain control over Ukraine.

But in order to do so, they must first of all lie to all of humanity about Putin, in as vicious and convincing a way as possible, depicting him as an evil psychopath who kills for fun, and invades nations at will - something the USA has in fact been doing for many decades, killing millions upon millions of people - but that's of course irrelevant.
What Putin does is what's evil, not what the USA has been doing for the past century, invading dozens of nations and slaughtering innumerable defenseless, innocent people.

The Deep State has deployed their entire worldwide arsenal of news media liars to get the public on their side, in the push for a full blown war with the greatest nation of the earth, Russia. If they succeed, it could mean utter devastation for most of Europe, and many other parts of Earth. And if the world's #1 madman, Biden, engages the US in this war, it could mean the end for all of us, and that's seriously not a joke.

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In 2012 Glenn wrote a book called “Agenda 21.” It was a fictional look at the dystopian nightmare the United Nations' REAL Agenda 21 would bring. But Agenda 21 then became Agenda 2030, and collaboration from corporate elites morphed it into the Great Reset. The dystopian hellscape Glenn described — the authoritarian surveillance state, dwindling property ownership, restricted food production, and society’s transformation — is no longer fiction. The establishment seized control of energy, agriculture, and transportation. The Pentagon cheered Tucker Carlson’s Fox separation after he called out corruption, and ESG scores and Big Tech are censoring the rest of us. Public/private partnerships between big banks, corporations like Google and Facebook, universities, and agencies like the FBI and CIA are pushing us toward Agenda 21. But how did we get here? Glenn will outline on the chalkboard where exactly we’re at on this dystopian timeline, and — like the title of his NEXT book in the Great Reset series — he’ll show you our “Dark Future.”

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