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Self-made millionaire Tristan Tate is interviewed by Rob for a no-holds-barred interview. Much like his brother, he is never one to shy away from controversy, Tristan provides his unique take on topics ranging from making your first million, the death of free speech and why modern dating favours women. Expect plenty of unfiltered opinions as Tristan shares the keys to his success, including leveraging social media and understanding human psychology.

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The world is on the edge of a revolution. Wealth, power & information are being disrupted.
Mainstream media is dying. Your freedom is being challenged. Your money is being debased.

The unrest is palpable. #disruptors & Rob Moore asks the questions others dare not to ask. Disruptive & diverse guests speak out on topical world issues & their areas of success & influence.

Having evolved from the Disruptive Entrepreneur, the focus started with entrepreneurs, billionaires; business & money related interviews & solo Rob’s Rants. As there world has changed, Disruptors has evolved to diverse, global movers, shakers & change makers who stand out & speak up.

Unscripted. Unedited. Unfiltered.

Education, inspiration & a fight for freedom.
If you don’t risk anything, you risk everything